Environmental Achievements

Gold Seal Plating & Powder Coating has been at the forefront of environmental awareness since our start in 1970. All of our process water is purified and recycled over and over again, with none going into the sewer. We use only trivalent chrome, instead of toxic hexavalent chrome, even though it costs us more. We use only powder coating instead of hazardous liquid coatings, to protect our employees, customers, and the air that we breathe. In recognition of our long standing environmental consciousness, we have been the recipient of several awards and commendations, including ...

  • Pollution Prevention Excellence Award, presented by East Bay Municipal Utilities District.
  • Industry of the Year Award, Northern California Small Business category, in recognition of outstanding achievement in industrial and hazardous waste control, presented by the California Water Environment Association.
  • Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community, presented by Anna Eschoo, U.S. Congress
  • Business Environmental Award, Pollution Prevention/Resource Conservation, presented by the Peninsula Conservation Center Foundation.
  • Santa Clara County Supervisorial Commendation, honoring Gold Seal Plating, presented by Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.
  • Case Study prepared by California EPA, modeling Gold Seal Plating’s environmental accomplishments as a benchmark for other businesses to follow.
Gold Seal Plating & Powder Coating has been and will continue to be a responsible business that cares about the environment.


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