How to contact us:
Gold Seal Plating & Powder Coating
3125 E. 7th Street
Oakland, CA 94601
Phone: (510) 536-6533
Fax: (510) 536-6538

Terms of Sale:
COD or Prepay check with order.
Net 30 Days to manufacturers upon credit approval.

Normally 5 working days (one week) for most jobs.
Jobs processed on first-in, first-out basis.

Quality Control:
To be sure your job is done to specifications, we use a combination of visual inspection, adhesion tests, microscope, and X-ray flourescence where needed to certify results.

Repeatable Results:
Process parameters and sequences are entered into our computer system so that we can duplicate results each time you send us the same part number. For each run, a new job ticket is produced that follows your job and instructs our technicians as to exactly how much metal or which color to apply to your parts, the same as on previous runs.

Plating Lines:
Automatic Line - 23 station computerized nickel and gold plating, capable of infinitely variable programming for your needs.

Manual Line - 34 station rack plating line, for all metals.

Barrel Line - 19 station barrel plating line, for all metals.

Powder Coat Line:
Manual Line- Maximum part size 5’x5’x7’, virtually any color or specialty finish available.

Tumbling Lines:
Various vibratory and rotating tumblers available for burnishing.


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